• What would Happen if Facebook Paid people for content?

    Traders are starting to believe contained in this option to record labeling and various other intermediaries between painters and patrons, flowing $17 million into Patreon. Kickstarter and Indiegogo have cultivated big, however their job that is one-off stylen’t work for designers who need continuous money to consistently launch operate.

    Tugboat FacebookMore aggressively, Facebook could develop technology for monetizing publishers’ and artists’ contents in a fashion that is comparable how it offers development, gains, and monetization tools for app designers through its purchase Parse. If Facebook lent a tactile hands with monetizing the site visitors it sends publishers much more ways than just allowing them to serve its advertising, they could believe much more comfortable depending on Facebook as a distribution channel. Envision a paywall designed to demonstrate which pals have actually subscribed plus the big content material they’re consuming if you settled that you’d obtain access to. (more…)

  • GTA V PC Retail Copies will include 7 Discs

    GTA V PC Retail Copies will include 7 Discs

    As the final release date of GTA V PC comes close, more and more details are coming… The news is that the retail version will have 7 discs in total which is not strange considering the fact that GTA V size will be really big. From the rockstar’s official system requirement for GTA 5, minimum disk space is 65 GB so this makes the whole 7 disc thing more obvious. (more…)